L&L Exhitition Management, Inc.
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Excellent results! Best contacts we've made at a home show in a long time. Excellent home show management!

Enjoy the show!

About L&L Home Shows Welcome to L&L Exhibitin Management

Our company was born in 1993. We are solely dedicated to creating enlivening and informative events featuring many of the most experienced and established home improvement firms as well as the latest and most innovative products in the home improvement and home building industries.

Leading industry professionals are on hand during the course of our shows offering the latest information and inspirational ideas pertaining to all aspects of the home including the newest design trends, building and remodeling innovations, as well as the latest options available to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Our exciting expos offer an unparalleled opportunity to speak directly with top local and national experts and receive extremely valuable information all in one place, all under one roof. Every aspect of the home is addressed. For any area of interest you may have regarding your home, at our expos, you can expect to find a variety of knowledgeable professionals who many times have focused their entire careers on your particular need.

To find out where and when you can visit our shows click here or on the "for attendees" tab at the top of the web page  to see a listing of our upcoming events.