Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo

TBA — Oklahoma City Convention Center

OUR EXHIBITORS say it best!




This show is excellent, the most leads from any show.



Dennis Stamper  –   MUDJACK MANIA





“We do double the size booth in this show compared to others because it's a great show for us.



Jason Dickinson  –   THERMAL WINDOWS




“The leads are serious and high quality.

The crowd's good and we get work from them."



Amy Wewers  –   RAY THE PAINTER




“Very good turnout! The attendees are very interested,

they know what they're looking for and mostly book

here at the show.  I'm very pleased."







“I like the demographic and the attendance. 

 People here are coming for a reason. It's a really good show. 

 We will definitely do this again."



John Hill  –   GREEN OKIE




“It's always a good experience to get out here and talk to people. You can't lose."



Monty Marcum  –   MARCUM'S NURSERY




“It's been a great show! 

 I've generated a lot of leads, a lot of interest and 

 that's the point of the show."







Good promotional campaign. We had a great turnout in terms of the quantity of leads we were able to attain.”



Chaz Chaz  –   bath fitter





“It's been really good, over 25 leads so far 

 so you can see people are here to remodel their homes."



Jaylen Bennett  –   RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN