Greenville Remodeling Expo

January 15-17, 2021 — Greenville Convention Center

 OUR EXHIBITORS say it best!



“The people who came to the show were very qualified and

we booked several jobs, plus set firm appointments."



Daniel Parham  –   Carolina flooring specialists




“We spoke to literally, hundreds of attendees.

We already have qualified appointments for

design consultations and more are expected."



Ray Wtulich  –   Dream maker kitchen and bath




“Very good contacts.

Great show management. Very strong results overall."



Lou Ellen Beckham  –   davis services




“I would rate the promotional campaign a '10',

the quality of the contacts a '10', and our overall results a '10'.

Great people were attending the show

with large amounts of disposable income."



Mark Blair  –   Waddell and reed




“Great event. Superb management at show!"



Steven Guttenberg  –   leaf filter




“The type of people who attended the show were

such that they would keep their monthly service up to date if they

signed up with our service, which is very important to our business."



Jim Jaber  –   America's satellites




“We do the L&L Remodeling Expo every year

and we continue to do so because it's successful."



Chris Manges  –   Daylight solutions




“A lot of people are out there looking to do

some remodeling and building, it's a really great sign!"



Kelly McCain  –   star granite interiors




“This is exactly where we need to be.  

This is where our customer base comes to see new

products and new ideas. This is the right show."



Tom Titcomb  –   shelf genie