Portland Renovation & Landscaping Show

August 17-19, 2018 — Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum

 OUR EXHIBITORS say it best!



“A+ on the promotional campaign, I heard a lot of

TV and radio ads. The Renovation and Remodeling Show

has been one of our best shows ever.”



Dan Williams   –   dan williams construction




It's been a great way to advertise,

far better than any kind of print media.  

I've spent money in other ways but this

has been by far the best, not even close.







“From the turnout and attendance,

 I would have to give an overall high rating to

your promotional campaign.”



Robert Chodowski   –   linwood cedar homes




“I was pleased with the attendance.

Very good contacts and results.”



Paul Olson   –   Skandia remodeling




“The results speak for themselves.

The management was excellent. People that

make an appointment with you at the show

are serious potential clients.”



 Darcy DeGiovanni   –   IDS REMODELING




“Excellent overall results!

L&L’s show management is very professional, attentive and

has a very good promotional campaign.

We will display again.”



Mark Sander   –   Matt Sander Landscaping




“Great promotional campaign! Well advertised!"



Rob Jones   –   Best overhead Door




“Very good promotional campaign,

Renovation & Remodeling Show was the best

show in several years.”



Jon Holman   –   champion window




Management is very helpful and organized.  
All my leads are very high quality so we are

very happy with our investment.



 Larry Claypool   –   HARVEST CONSTRUCTION




“We generated good contacts and sales

from the event. Shows are powerful for us

as we are able to get our products

in front of potential buyers.”



 Steve Salter   –   MARQUIS SPAS